All VALORANT knife skins and how to get them

VALORANT has four sexy knife skins, each with a unique design and theme.

If you want to dominate your opponents and strut around the battlefield with style, a knife skin is absolutely essential. They’re expensive, but they’re well worth the price.

It’s early days for the closed beta and there will surely be many more knife skins in the future (it is Riot after all). But for now, players will have to do with just four.

Here are all of the knife skins in VALORANT and how to get them.

The Reaver takes on a gothic theme. Its sharp edges and its purple hilt add up to one impressive knife. It’s simple, clean, and deadly.

The Imperium’s rich golds and emerald greens stand out among the crowd. It’s noticeably smaller than the other knives, but it makes up for that with its sophisticated look. Its golden dragon only adds to its aesthetic.

The Luxe resembles a knife you’d find a Rogue wielding in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. It’s red, silver, and sharp as hell.

The Prism could easily be featured in Counter-Strike. It looks just like an M9 Bayonet, but with added extra style.

These four knives are available to buy in VALORANT’s store.

When sold separately, they cost 3,550 VALORANT Points ($34.99). But if you buy them in a bundle (with three other gun skins), they cost 5,325 VP ($49.99).

The VALORANT store includes a featured bundle, which typically lasts several days, and a range of offers that cycles throughout the day. If you want to buy a specific knife bundle, you’ll have to wait for it to appear. The same applies to individual knives.

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