Best Overwatch toys for 2020

The Blizzard gear store is filled with quirky and fun Overwatch merch. A significant portion of that merch comes in the form of plushies, figurines, and other toys that are perfect for players of all ages and budgets. If you’re a fan of Overwatch, there’s probably an Overwatch toy for you.

Many Overwatch toys exist, but here are some of the best ones that are available right now.

Pachimari are fictional creatures from the Overwatch universe. They’re essentially perpetually smiling sentient turnips with tentacles. There are a variety of adorable Pachimari plush toys available to buy.

Whether you’re looking for a standard Pachimari, a Mei-themed Pachimari, or even a variety of Pachimari keychains, there’s probably a Pachimari for you.

There’s a Funko Pop! figurine available for nearly every character on the Overwatch roster. No matter who you main, you can probably find them as a Funko Pop! figurine.

In addition, there are several Blizzard exclusive Funko Pop! characters available on the Blizzard gear store that feature unique character skins. Right now, you can purchase the headless horseman Reaper figurine, the Ribbit Lucio Figurine, or the Sentai Genji figurine.

There are also two packs of Funko Pop! figurines available for purchase, pairing up some of the most beloved characters in Overwatch. You can pick up the Reinhardt x Brigitte two-pack, the Roadhog x Junkrat two-pack, or the D.Va x her Meka two-pack.

This item is perfect for fans of Mei’s trustworthy robot Snowball. The Snowball plushie is super cute and would blend in well with any Overwatch fan’s ever-growing Pachimari collection.

Blizzard really took D.Va’s “nerf this” command to heart by teaming up with Nerf to create this replica of D.Va’s blaster. This item is perfect for any Overwatch enthusiast or D.Va main. The air blaster can fire Nerf rival rounds and comes with some great details, like D.Va’s iconic bunny keychain. This is one of the best Overwatch toys available.

If D.Va isn’t your speed, there’s also a Nerf McCree Replica Blaster available to buy.

Cute But Deadly figures are similar in size and price to the many available Funko Pop! Overwatch characters. These figures are a nice affordable option compared to some of the more expensive brands like Nendoroid. As their name implies, these figures are pretty cute.

Nendoroid figurines are on the more expensive end, but they come with interchangeable parts, are highly posable, and are built incredibly well.

Each Nendoroid figurine comes with a stand, double-jointed neck, and a variety of movable parts that allow you to pose them however you wish. There are Nendoroid versions of most available Overwatch characters. 

The Figma figurines are the highest quality figurines available, while still meeting the definition of a toy. Sure, you could buy the $200 statues, but they aren’t something that you typically play with.

The Figma action figures have movable joints, interchangeable faces, and include a variety of peripherals specific to the character. The D.Va figurine, for example, comes with her gun, a smartphone, a hat, and a bubblegum bubble.

These figures come with a hefty price, but they’re built to last. 

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