Excel Esports set to find new top and mid laner for 2020 LEC Summer Split

After another disappointing season, Excel Esports has finally taken it upon itself to make some drastic changes to its roster before the 2020 LEC Summer Split. The League of Legends team plans to find a new top and mid laner for the upcoming split.

Excel’s head coach YoungBuck announced the team’s intentions to replace top laner Expect and mid laner Mickey this coming offseason. It’s a tough situation to deal with but a decision that’s necessary after finishing as a bottom-five team in the league for the third split in a row.

Last offseason, Excel’s roster improved a bit with the additions of AD carry Patrik and support Tore. But their lineup still wasn’t able to keep up with the fiery new rosters that joined the league for 2020.

They couldn’t find any wins against the top teams of the LEC—like Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Origen—but they were also outgunned by the young rookie rosters of Misfits Gaming and Rogue. There wasn’t much coordination between the players and it was clear that they didn’t have nearly as much firepower as the other teams.

Expect significantly struggled this past season as well, ending with the second-lowest KDA among LEC top laners and the fourth-most deaths in the league. Mickey had an up-and-down season but couldn’t keep things together when it mattered most. He had one of the lowest KDAs and some of the worst damage numbers of any European mid laner this spring.

It’s unclear if Excel will reach into the European Masters scene to find some fresh talent for its roster or if the coaching staff will bring up some players from their relatively-successful Academy team.

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