FPX secure LPL Spring playoff spot with win over EDG

FunPlus Phoenix have been on fire since the second week of China’s LPL. The League of Legends team has beat almost every squad they’ve faced after losing both matches in the first week.

The only team to take a game off FPX after the first few weeks was kk0ma’s Vici Gaming with Hu “iBoy” Xian-Zhao as the driver in the ADC role. They upset FPX this week and are eyeing a playoff spot after a terrible start to the season.

The former world champions are currently in second in LPL’s Spring Split standings and are looking to dethrone Invictus Gaming in a battle of titans.

FPX fielded top laner Kim “GimGoon” Han-saem today in place of Kim “Khan” Dong-ha after they’ve lost their previous match with him. Even though the community expected FPX to demolish everyone with Khan, their synergy with GimGoon is much more powerful and reliable.

The first game began with absolute domination by FPX. Doinb received the MVP title after a marvelous performance on his signature Galio pick, which has fallen off in other regions. He was assisting his side lanes whenever they needed him, allowing them to secure objectives with Doinb covering whenever required.

After a ludicrous performance in the first game, FPX did a 180 and lost the game by feeding on all lanes. Doinb fed like a mad man on Sylas after his dominating game on Galio. With EDG having priority over the mid lane, they were able to constantly secure vision around Rift Herald and the dragon pit, allowing them to continue their gold lead.

FPX reset their mental after the devastating loss in the second game and came back much stronger for the third. FPX played well and were able to close out the series 2-1.

FPX are undefeated in this split with GimGoon; their offseason acquisition of Khan seems to not have worked out. The team’s game plans work much better with GimGoon on the Rift since he holds his lane every time regardless of matchup. This works well with FPX’s plan of giving Doinb a carry champion who can influence the side lanes.

FPX are currently one step behind the 2018 world champions, Invictus Gaming. They have three remaining matches next week after which playoffs will start. If they win them all, they will be able to contest the first place from IG. Tune in next week on LPL’s official broadcast channel to see which former world champion will conquer the LPL.

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