Gaules breaks Brazilian Twitch viewers record with 150,000 for MIBR vs. Furia

Popular Brazilian streamer and former Counter-Strike pro Gaules set a new record for Brazilian Twitch viewers yesterday. Over 150,000 people watched him commentate MIBR vs. FURIA in ESL Pro League season 11 North America.

Although Gaules isn’t a professional commentator and didn’t stick with regular play-by-play analysis, many Brazilian CS:GO fans prefer his stream over the official tournament broadcast. Gaules peaked at a total of 152,773 viewers yesterday while ESL peaked at only 69,786, according to Twitch statistics website SullyGnome.

“Believe in your dreams,” Gaules tweeted after FURIA beat MIBR 2-1 yesterday. “They will say it’s impossible. It isn’t.”

Although it was just an online game, this shows that Brazilian fans love watching their two best CS:GO teams compete. Gaules, however, isn’t the only alternative CS:GO stream to find success. Just like the Brazilians, Russian viewers often prefer their own stream over the official one.

The Brazilian derby was close enough to keep the viewers’ attention since it went down to a decisive third map. Although MIBR won the first half of Mirage 8-7, the team were completely outplayed by FURIA in the second half. Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato and crew won nine rounds in a row to take the series.

With that, FURIA have improved their record against MIBR to 4-0 in total. FalleN and crew might be the most known Brazilian team, but they haven’t been the best in a while.

MIBR will play again at ESL Pro League season 11 North America today against 100 Thieves at 3pm CT.

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