Here’s an in-depth Protector Hyperroll guide to stomp the competition in Teamfight Tactics Galaxies

With Rebels getting the Teamfight Tactics spotlight, the Protector comp may be going under the radar. Well, not for long.

Teamfight Tactics YouTuber HiddenDino put together an educational guide to the Protector Hyperroll comp yesterday. The YouTuber used the powerful synergy to break rank 30 Master tier, recommending it to any player looking to grind the ranked ladder.

Here’s an in-depth guide to the Protector Hyperroll comp.

Before even deciding to run the team comp, players must take two considerations into account.

“The first condition is there cannot be more than two people running this comp,” HiddenDino said. “Scour your lobby first… you usually know if someone’s running Protectors if they make two items, which is Sojin’s and Morello’s on Rakan.”

The second condition is that if there are two players running Protectors, whoever has the most Xin Zhao and Rakans will likely win the rolls. If you see another player having the edge on those two units, it’s probably a good idea to pivot to another comp.

Protectors are a great early and mid-game team comp, helping you put together a nice win streak and earn extra gold. Xin and Rakan are your hyper carries, also providing you with the Protector buff. Players can add a third Protector in Jarvan IV, potentially three-starring him with lucky rolls, or run two Protectors and two Blasters for extra damage.

Throughout the early game, HiddenDino advises to not level up at all and “econ as hard as you can.” The three Protector units are the only thing you need to get through the early game.

Krugs is the turning point for the Protector comp. If players are on a winning streak, they should preserve it by leveling up to five. If you’re on a losing streak, which shouldn’t happen too often, then you can hold off on the level up. But the most important thing is being able to kill Krug and getting your items, so don’t get greedy.

At level five, you then pivot to four Protectors and two Celestial. Placing Rakan and Sona in the back will give you heals while Xin, Neeko, and Jarvan wreak havoc on the frontlines. Players struggling to find Neeko can use Xayah and Kassadin instead, which grants a strong four-unit Celestial buff.

At this point, players should be saving for 50 gold and only using excess resources for purchasing Xin, Rakan, and Jarvan. At level five, players have a 40-percent chance of getting two-cost units, making it the most optimal time to three-star those three hyper carries. If you get lucky rolls and manage to three-star those units, then you can level up to eight.

Players who are having trouble three-starring those units need to patiently wait. Right before the game will force you to level to six, players should roll down all their gold to pick up Xin, Rakan, and Jarvans.

Players fortunate enough to hit level three units can now go four Protectors, two Celestials, and two Mystics, using Karma to give additional shields to complement healing. This comp should help players win the majority of their rounds, with the only counter being an Irelia hyper carry.

After hitting level eight, players will get a major power spike when picking up Soraka and Lulu. This gives you an unkillable force of Mystics, Celestials, and Protectors. And if you’re struggling to hit the four Mystics, players can opt for a four-unit Celestial bonus or add in another Dark Star for a three-unit bonus.

Since Xin Zhao will be your invulnerable spear-swinging space soldier, his items need to be perfectly optimized. The best three items to equip Xin with are Dragon’s Claw, Bramblevest, and Titan’s Resolve. The extra defensive items will keep him alive and allow him to tank an entire team without ever going down. Substitutes for any of those items include Guardian’s Angel or Warmog’s Armor.

Rakan works best with Spear of Sojin and Morellonomicon for AoE damage and healing reduction. And similar to Xin, players can throw a Bramble Vest, Warmog’s, or Dragon’s Tooth for more beefiness. Though Jarvan doesn’t really need items since he isn’t the true hyper carry, a Thief’s Glove is an efficient way to earn him two free items every round.

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