Here’s what happens when a 3-star Ekko squares off against a 3-star Thresh in Teamfight Tactics

What happens when two of the most powerful units in the galaxy face off against each other? One of them comes out on top.

Teamfight Tactics streamer TheLizarddKingg showcased a battle of juggernauts during his Twitch broadcast today, pitting his three-star Ekko against an opponent’s three-star Thresh. And while Ekko may have been outnumbered, the champion’s manipulation of time was enough to secure the win.

The three-star Thresh instantly gave his team an unfair advantage, dragging in three allies from the bench to create a 12-vs-nine scenario. But TheLizarddKingg didn’t seem too worried.

“He pulls the whole bench, but Ekko is gonna kill all of them,” the streamer said. “This is gonna be the best.”

And it appears TheLizarddKingg’s prediction came true.

Equipped with a Morellonomicon and an Ionic Spark, Ekko used his Chronobreak to shatter time and freeze all units in place. The Boy Who Shattered Time then one-shot nearly every enemy unit on the field, dealing over 2,000 damage to each target for a total of 25,000.

Not only was this enough to win the round, but Ekko earned the streamer a one-way ticket to the victory screen.

TFT devs have pumped more power into three-star units with Galaxies, rewarding players who can commit the time and resources into the endeavor. This is magnified with five-cost champions, who are even more difficult to level up.

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