KkOma’s Vici Gaming upset world champions FunPlus Phoenix in 2020 LPL Spring Split

Vici Gaming pulled off a huge performance earlier today when they took down the defending League of Legends world champions, FunPlus Phoenix, 2-1 in the 2020 LPL Spring Split.

Coached by the legendary kkOma, who brought three world titles to T1, Vici Gaming have stepped up throughout the split. They notably beat eStar last week, the explosive rookies of the LPL who are among the top teams in the standings and sat at the top for a short time.

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FPX started the series with an aggressive composition that was stronger in early and mid game in an effort to wrap up the match fast. On the other side, Vici chose to be aggressive as well and took first blood with a smart invade on FPX’s red side. FPX then took every objective as soon as they were available, while VG answered by taking kills.

Despite a balanced mid game, FPX held a gold advantage until the end and took a Baron that allowed them to rush VG’s base, opened by a crucial hook from Crisp’s Thresh.

The second game began at a slower pace. Vici took control of the Rift coming into the mid game and annihilated FPX by winning every teamfight, ending the game with a 17-1 score.

In the deciding game, FPX centered their composition around the bot lane and Vici answered by harassing the enemy top laner, Khan, on his Sylas. Despite effective ganks from Vici jungler Aix, FPX held the gold advantage until the mid game. Vici then secured the next few objectives and engaged in successful teamfights.

They won the last game and the series after trapping FPX and killing three of their players. In this last game, FPX made many mistakes that Vici punished them for by taking kills and objectives.

Several weeks ahead of the LPL Spring playoffs, every team still has a chance to get a spot in the tournament except Victory Five, who sit at the bottom of the standings. Vici still have a chance, but even if they don’t qualify, this impressive performance shows some promise for the team heading into the 2020 LPL Summer Split.

The LPL will continue this weekend with some important matches. FPX will face off against EDward Gaming on Sunday, April 12 at 4am CT.

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