Overwatch and Call of Duty players reporting long queue times in Blizzard client

It appears Blizzard’s servers are struggling today.

Many Overwatch and Call of Duty players are reporting long queue times when attempting to log in to the Blizzard client. The Blizzard Customer Support page explained that the company is “aware of network congestion resulting in slower download speeds during peak internet hours.”

A quick search on the Blizzard subreddit will reveal many players complaining of queue times, some of them adding up to over 4,000 minutes. The majority of players affected appear to be on the EU servers.

Since many players are relegated to staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it appears that Blizzard’s servers are dealing with more strain than usual. Riot’s EU servers have experienced similar issues, making League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics unplayable.

It’s unclear how long the server issues will last, but Blizzard will likely update it’s support page with more information as soon as possible.

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