Pimp produces the funniest CS:GO ace of the year

Streamer, analyst, and former CS:GO pro Pimp hit an unexpected ace today in the first round of Mirage in regular matchmaking.

The 24-year-old was doing a set of physical exercises when he saw that the map had started. Pimp quickly interrupted his workout to run to his chair and follow his team to an A bombsite rush. He then proceeded to hit a bunch of headshots and completed the ace to save his team in the first round while ridiculous hype music was playing.

“Four kills now one left, could be the one-vs-three and he gets it! It’s P-I-M-P with the ace,” Pimp shouted after his insane pistol round.

Pimp upheld this form throughout the rest of the game and carried his teammates to win the map 16-13. The former pro finished with 41 kills, 21 more than the second-best player on his random matchmaking team.

This is one of the most successful plays that Pimp has pulled off on stream after all his years of professional play. He usually gets caught while trying to teach his viewers a “trick,” as you can see in this clip.

With the current absence of CS:GO LAN events, Pimp has been spending a good part of his time streaming on Twitch. Even though he was a good pro player at one point, he’ll probably rarely hit another crazy ace like the one he got today.

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