Riot adds mission to make up for tokens mishap in Galaxies 2020 season pass

Riot is making up for a mistake it made in the Galaxies 2020 season pass.

Xenogenic, the design lead on League’s events, missions, and skins, said Riot will ship a mission to play one game, which will yield 140 tokens. This mission is set to be added because of an error in which the pass didn’t yield as many tokens as previous passes.

A player pointed out on Reddit that despite there being nearly two weeks left in the event, the amount of tokens players were to receive would not equal the amount during the Night and Dawn event in 2019. Xenogenic responded in the thread and Twitter to address the player’s concerns.

“Hey folks – we’re going to be delivering a mission to grant 140 tokens with an objective of ‘Play 1 game,’ Xenogenic said. “We don’t want to swap out the existing mission because that would cause players to lose progress, so adding another mission to grant the extra tokens is the best approach.”

They thanked the player for pointing it out and said the mission would go live sometime next week.

Galaxies launched on March 26 and cost 1,650 RP. A separate bundle, which included Dark Star Malphite, cost 2,650. The event is set to end on April 27, but players can use their tokens until May 12.

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