Riot changing Teamfight Tactics’ combine rules to “always prioritize” items from units on the board in Patch 10.7

Teamfight Tactics lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer delivered some good news today.

The TFT dev discussed an important quality of life change coming in Patch 10.7, explaining that combine rules will “always prioritize” items from champions on the board.

If both a unit on the board and on the bench have three items, the gear on the benched unit will be taken off. This way, whatever items are on the board will stay on the board.

Mortdog further broke down the mechanic with an item prioritization hierarchy. 

“Thieves Gloves on Board > Full Item on Board > Component on Board > Thieves Gloves on Bench > Full Item on Bench > Component on Bench,” according to the lead designer. “Items at the same level are random.”

Since Thief’s Gloves take up all three item slots on a unit, it makes sense for that to remain the sole item when combining units. But there’s still a level of randomness with items at the same level.

This change should appease the fan base, who had to take a huge risk when picking a champion they needed from the carousel. Previously, combining two units had the potential to take off a needed item from your champion.

“Lost a game before cause the locket on jinx from carousel popped out the rfc from my jinx on board when it combined,” one fan commented.

TFT Patch 10.7 is scheduled to go live next Wednesday, April 1.

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