Streamer iiTzTimmy pulls off sneaky Jett flank for the ace in VALORANT

Exceptional VALORANT players need to have top-tier gunplay—and ninja-like stealth.

Golden Guardians streamer iiTzTimmy pulled off the flank of all flanks on his broadcast last night, snagging the ace and helping his team win a two-vs-five.

The streamer snuck around B Long on Bind, going undetected by the entire enemy team. But with only one ally remaining, Timmy needed pinpoint accuracy and quick reflexes.

Instead of shooting at the first enemy he saw, Timmy patiently approached the site until he was able to see four opponents ahead of him. The streamer then focused on the furthest target first, who had started planting the spike.

After deleting the spike carrier, the enemy Phoenix tried to turn around in time but got his head taken off instead. The streamer then effortlessly took out the next two targets before they knew what hit them.

With one enemy remaining, Timmy used Jett’s E to quickly turn the corner. His last adversary hid behind Hookah window. The streamer simply shot through the wall to get the final kill and the ace.

“Let’s go,” Timmy said after the victory. “That was actually just massive.”

Though Timmy was able to help his team mount a comeback, they ultimately lost in the overtime round.

To watch some more high-level gameplay, tune into iiTzTimmy’s Twitch channel.

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