T1 rebound from loss to Damwon, sweep Sandbox Gaming in 2020 LCK Spring Split

After a devastating loss to Damwon Gaming on April 5, T1 came prepared today and picked up a clean 2-0 series win against Sandbox Gaming in Korea’s LCK.

T1 are tied with Gen.G at 13-3 but they’re still second in LCK’s Spring Split standings due to having a worse individual game win rate—70 percent compared to Gen.G’s 74 percent. T1 need to win their next few games and hope Gen.G drop a series to have a chance at overtaking them for first place.

Teddy and his duo partner Effort were the decisive factors in both games today. Teddy received the Player of the Game award for the first game on Miss Fortune, where he landed multiple crucial ultimates. Effort received the Player of the Game award for the second game with an immaculate Nautilus performance. This bot lane is one of the best duos T1’s has had since its inception.

T1 snowballed their top lane Lucian in the first game, who kept SB’s Aatrox at bay and didn’t allow him to get ahead. The rookie Canna in the top lane, who was promoted by T1, is one of the best top laners the LCK has to offer right now. He’s been playing exceptionally well on all types of picks, ranging from tanks to bruisers and ranged carries. He’s a well-rounded player overall.

SB fell behind but tried to make a play toward the end of the game, which didn’t succeed. Their ADC tried to flank T1 but was unsuccessful since T1 just kept charging forward and didn’t want to retreat.

The second game was much more one-sided, with SB being dominated in every single lane. They managed to keep up with T1’s tempo in the first game but couldn’t replicate it in the second.

Following a one-sided fight around the Baron, T1 went to push the top lane and end the series with a clean 2-0 sweep.

T1 played perfectly today after Damwon stopped their winning streak in the second round of the 2020 LCK Spring Split a couple of days ago. They played much safer compared to their previous series and everyone was on point with their calls in the voice comms.

The top side of Canna and Cuzz looks great so far and is on par with the duo of Khan and Clid from the previous iteration of T1. If Canna and Cuzz keep growing, they’ll most likely overtake the previous duo with their gameplay. Khan was known for being inconsistent and this issue doesn’t seem to be appropriate for Canna, who’s producing strong results.

T1’s next match is tomorrow against KT Rolster. The Telecom Wars will begin at 7am CT on the official LCK broadcast.

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