Teamfight Tactics 10.8 PBE balance changes buff Infiltrator, nerf Sorcerer

Major balance changes were revealed today for the upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set Three 10.8 patch.

An adjustment to gold streak values was announced last week, but it’s only one of several changes that will occur in the 10.8 TFT update. Balance changes within PBE today revealed several class buffs to Infiltrator, Rebels, and Dark Star while Sorcerers took a hit. Champion changes were also made to Master Yi, Rumble, and Syndra. 

Comps utilizing Sorcerers have increased within the TFT meta but the four, six, and eight champion builds are taking a nerf. The Infiltrator class, however, is getting some love with an increase in attack speed with six champs. And the Rebels class may become prevalent once again. 

Blademaster and Rebel comps are taking a hit with a nerf to Master Yi. And despite nerfs to the Sorcerer class, Syndra acquires a decent buff that will assist the Star Guardian class. 

The PBE changes are tentative and liable to change before the release of the TFT 10.8 patch.

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