The League community is buzzing about this Queen Bee Syndra concept skin design

Syndra has gotten some great skins since her release in 2012, but none of them have the same sting as this Queen Bee Syndra skin concept.

Talented freelance artist Thorsten Erdt reimagined the Dark Sovereign as the matriarch of a hive, controlling her loyal bees to attack whoever gets in her way. Many League of Legends fans have already praised Erdt for his work, saying that the skin would be perfect for the champion and could be a great 1,350-tier cosmetic.

The skin gives Syndra a new blonde hairdo to go with her yellow and black clothing and skin. She’s also sporting some wings, antennae, and a cute little crown to boot. Her orbs have been transformed into bulbous little bees that she can throw around and summon to damage her enemies. Since her orbs hover around her, it would look great for her “bees” to be buzzing around her as well.

Some people did have a few reservations about the skin, however. One fan said that she was missing the glowing eyes and the crown was too small. But this could easily be changed and rectified by making her eyes glow golden yellow and adjusting the size of the crown to be a bit larger.

Erdt created the idea for this skin in 2017 for Riot Games’ polycount contest. That earlier design looked a bit different, though. Syndra had her entire torso clad in armor and her antennae were huge and prominent. She had a meaner, more battle-ready look in her earlier iteration, while the new version is a lot cuter.

Both skin variants would probably be extremely popular for mid laners since its a drastic skin redesign with plenty of potential to have fun sound effects and visuals. It would also fit in perfectly with the Beemo and Beekeeper Singed skins. It could even run into a new insect-themed skin universe in the process, complete with Bugcatcher skins on other champions.

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