Wolf joins T1 as full-time content creator and streamer

A legend has returned. 

T1 has welcomed back Legends of Legends player Wolf as a content creator and streamer, the organization announced today.

Wolf retired from competing last year, after struggling to cope with anxiety and depression-related disorders. 

He had a short stint with Papara SuperMassive in 2019, but after landing a second-place finish in the Turkish Championship League, and narrowly missing Worlds, Wolf decided to call it quits. Before his move to Turkey, though, he was known for his role in T1’s success on the international stage. 

Wolf was one of the most distinguished support players in the world, having won back-to-back World Championships with one of the strongest iterations of T1. In the later years, he dwindled, but in his prime, he was untouchable. 

Over the course of his six-year career, Wolf won four LCK splits with his then bot lane partner Bang.

The duo first made an appearance together in 2013, qualifying for Champions Korea Winter with SKT S, the org’s sister team. They played alongside top laner MaRin and mid laner Easyhoon.

The duo went on to win their first split in Korea a year later, after the pair joined the org’s main squad, replacing support player PooManDu and ADC Piglet.

Wolf had his ups and downs with T1, but over the years, he remained a top player in Korea.

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