Xerath, big changes coming in Teamfight Tactics 10.8 patch

Riot Games released a preview of tentative changes tonight on Twitter for the upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set Three 10.8 update that includes Xerath, a new champion.

Set to update on April 15, the 10.8 TFT patch is loaded with champion buffs, a nerf to Cybernetic origin, a new champion, and several adjustments. The changes posted to Twitter tonight by Riot are still tentative and have undergone extensive playtesting in PBE.

Xerath is a Dark Star Sorcerer champion arriving on April 15 in the 10.8 TFT patch. It’s speculated that  Xerath will have a cost of five in the shop and an ability called Abysmal Bombardment, as seen in a Disguised Toast YouTube video featuring 10.8 PBE gameplay. 

It’s hardly a surprise that Cybernetic is getting a nerf. But not too many players were expecting a Sorcerer buff, especially after it was revealed the class was getting a possible nerf earlier in the week. 

A buff applied to Master Yi, Shen, and Yasuo in TFT Set Three is huge for the Blademaster class. And a nerf to Lucian will certainly cripple the Cybernetic origin and Blaster class. 

As speculated earlier this week, Tear of the Goddess is still getting a nerf. Two items are getting adjusted, Deathblade and Zeke’s Herald, and several are receiving a buff. 

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